Welcome to my donation page. Below are explanations you may want or need before you choose to donate. I try to provide information instead of just asking for a donation. I hope this makes you feel more comfortable with the donation process, which is an extremely important part of the open access ecosystem. Thank you for your support in advance!

Why Donate? And Other Explanations

Donations are very important to the development, coding, and open access ecosystem. Oftentimes, there are reasons why research, information, and tools are closed. People like to say closed means proprietary. In fact, this is not what is meant by closed. Closed follows a publishing tradition I like to call: the “closed links” process. Simply put, closed links are links to your work with a paywall in front of it. This system was designed by book and news publishers looking to maximize profit. Many academic journal and code publishers, however, do not actually make profit. Instead, they use paywalls as a sort of forced contribution and donation for access to journal materials. The process behind peer-review and academic publishing, just like the development and research process more generally, takes a lot of time and effort.

People can’t continue to do work for free if you expect services to grow, become better, or even maintain their current trajectory. I think the donation or patronage system is more personal than the “closed links” system. I also think every developer or researcher should have a donation page. When you provide information or platforms that create value for others, you are providing a service to a community. If you don’t support that community in some way, the community will eventually cease to exist. Donations or small costs to access are the best way to reward developers or researchers for their hard work. This page was implemented with that unwritten, informal, and age-old convention in mind.

About My Platforms for Donation

For individuals and corporations that would like to donate but do not like public donations (Github) or want to remain nameless (PayPal), I suggest using cryptocurrency. I support donations in the form of two standards: Bitcoin and Ethereum. Clicking on the buttons above you will be taken to my “cryptobadges” where you can copy the receive cryptocurrency address or scan its QR code. Remember: most cryptocurrencies are an open ledger even though there are a number of privacy considerations they take into account. More information on Bitcoin and Ethereum can be found here and here.

If you like any of my projects or current research priorities and you are a nonprofit or an individual who has benefited from my code, development, or other technical research, please think about sponsoring me on GitHub. Their sponsorship program is an excellent way to create the community I was discussing earlier.