From time-to-time, I will get or use services that provide referral rewards programs. I will post the best referrals on this page for use at your discretion. I will also provide referrals on this page for businesses and organizations I do not earn rewards with, especially when I think are top notch. Hopefully, this will make your search for value easier. Happy deal hunting

Financial Referrals


If you are just starting out and have never bought cryptocurrency, I highly suggest Coinbase. The platform is extremely secure and very robust. It pairs well with platforms like BitPay. Don’t just take my word for it. Feel free to visit their about page or blog for more information. Coinbase also has a number of offers to watch promotional videos on newly minted cryptocurrencies in exchange for cryptocurrency of the same type and kind. The irony is that you’ll get paid to learn about your own potential cryptocurrency investments! Click on the referral link for a give $10 get $10 deal if you buy $100 worth or more of cryptocurrency.

Learning-based Referrals


Coursera is a learners platform. Everything is self-paced even though there are “time-lines” to complete the courses. The best part about Coursera is the industry certifications. There are so many tools used by leading industry professionals that people can get confused about what is valued in a given industry. If an industry leader is taking the time to develop a course and teaching it on Coursera, you can rest assured it is because there is a skills gap between people working in that industry and people needing those particular skill-sets. Here is a list of industry-focused certificates available on Coursera. In terms of what you will learn from the companies listed, these opportunities are second to none. Oftentimes, job postings list more industry experience to fill the posting than is necessary. At least with these certificates and these platforms, you know they will last longer than the usual flavor of the month certification. The referral will get you 50% off for a course or for the first month of a specialization subscription. If you are looking to re-tool your resume or just looking to learn something new, Coursera is the platform for you.

Technology & Security Referrals


Right now, DreamHost has an excellent give $50 get $50 deal for their Shared Unlimited plan. It’s an excellent deal! I highly suggest you take them up on the offer if you are looking to host a website. If you prefer one of their other plans, please use my referral link here. You won’t get their special offer but you will have my thanks for earning me rewards.