This site is designed for professional reasons. It outlines the credibility, accomplishments, and publicly available working and concurrent projects of Matthew Benchimol.

In this day and age of content and new media creation, there is an overwhelming amount of information. And yet, more often than not, valuable information is elusive and only somewhat trustworthy. Personal and professional Facebook pages cater to branding. Instagram accounts provide an outlet to re-symbolize our worth to the world. Twitter becomes a method to stay informed. This is not entirely bad nor is this welcome page or website a public repudiation. The above social platforms can help to create self-worth. However, we can do better if we want value.

Important attributes that used to be the bedrock for society are waning substantially. Influence is no longer about hard-earned societal success put to good use. It is about manipulation. Research, while still valuable, has become closed-off and reclusive. This leaves societies across the world at a disadvantage.

Please enjoy my attempt to provide an opened-handed, coherent account of my professional life.